These translated earbuds speak over 37 languages ​​and cost under $120

TL;DR: Until February 20, you can get your hands on the Mymanu CLIK S translation earplugs(Opens in a new tab) for just $115.99 instead of $220 – that’s a total savings of 45% and an extra 24% off the regular retail price.

Spring is a great opportunity for a vacation, but you may not really get to experience the culture of a place if you stick to the usual tourist attractions. Knowing the local language can help, but learning an entire language for a vacation(Opens in a new tab) can actually be more difficult than finding a good price on flights.

If you don’t have time to learn the language, you might want to try a portable translator that does the work for you. The Mymanu CLIK S earbuds have been shown at CES and can translate over 37 languages ​​from around the world. A Presidents’ Day sale can help you plan a fun spring break if you get these earbuds while they’re just $115.99 (reg. $220) by February 20 at 23:59 PT.

Earplugs that can translate live conversations

Get a translator(Opens in a new tab) anywhere you go. These earbuds may not make you fluent, but they can help you understand individual speakers or groups of speakers in another language. Download the MyJuno app on your Android or iOS device and choose which languages ​​are used in your conversation. When you need to talk, press the button on the earbud. A translation is automatically played from your phone.

When it’s your turn to listen, the other speaker just has to speak into your phone for a translation to be played in the earpiece and displayed in writing on the screen. Groups of speakers are limited to text-only translations, but it can still be easier than manually entering everything into unreliable browser translators.

Mymanu CLIK S supports German, French, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, Thai, Japanese, Czech and more. And when you’re not translating, you can also listen to music or take calls. These earbuds are impressive translators, but they also come with many of the standard features you’d expect from wireless earbuds. It includes high-quality audio and call features.

Portable translators capable of 37+ languages

Are you planning a vacation? Find the best local spots by talking to the people who live there in their own language. Get Mymanu CLIK S translation earplugs(Opens in a new tab) on sale for $115.99 (reg. $220) until February 20 at 23:59 PT. No coupon needed.

Prices are subject to change.

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