The new Bloody Elbow podcast starts now

As step 1 of that process, we launched the Bloody Elbow Newsletter on Substack.

Stage 2 kicks off today with the relaunch of Bloody Elbow Podcast Network (formerly BE Presents Podcast) on its standalone Substack.

We’ll be maintaining our regular podcast schedule with new episodes of Care/Don’t Care Preview, The Level Change, The MMA Vivisection, The 6th Round plus special guest shows like The Show Stomper and Show Money — ALL FREE.

If you’ve been listening to the shows on SoundCloud or YouTube, I’m afraid you’ll have to change your game a bit and find them on the Bloody Elbow Podcast Substack.

If you’ve been listening on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, SimpleCast, or other popular podcasting platforms, the RSS feed should still get our shows to you via your existing subscription, BUT you’ll still want to subscribe here so you can access the bonus content and receive in plus email announcements for each new episode.

We’ll be adding SPECIAL BONUS CONTENT to our regular PAID SUBSCRIBERS ONLY shows – including “Kid” Nate Wilcox’s return to Round 6 for some special post-fight commentary after hours after the main show and RETURN OF THE MMA BUNKER.

The MMA Bunker was shut down at the request of SB Nation management when Nate’s commentary made things too heated for a certain access journalist. It’s no longer our problem and Nate’s MMA commentary is back.

Please subscribe today so you don’t miss a single episode, and if you can and want to help Bloody Elbow fund the transition to the new in April, please take the time to become a paid subscriber (or to and with founding member) ) of the Bloody Elbow Podcast Network Substack.

If you love the Bloody Elbow Podcast, please tell your friends they need to sign up today so they don’t miss a single episode.


  • Mondays at 08.00 ETPT: DON’T CARE/DO NOT CARE PODCAST… UFC Post-Fight Reactions for the Last Event & UFC Preview QuickPicks for the Upcoming Event | Talent: Eugene S. Robinson & John S. Nash. Moderator: Stephie ‘Crooklyn’ Haynes
  • Every other Tuesday at 08.00 ETPT: THE PODCAST LEVEL CHANGE (Tuesday Edition)… The Combat Sports News Variety Show usually reviews the latest UFC event while covering the latest news in combat sports. | Talent: Stephie ‘Crooklyn’ Haynes & ‘Victor Rodriguez’, with occasional guest appearances from Mookie Alexander, as well as other well-known industry match analysts.
  • Every other Tuesday at 08.00 ETPT: HEY, NOT FACE PODCAST! The business side of martial arts including contract review, financial analysis, fighter salaries and more! | Talent: John S. Nash. Moderator: Stephie Haynes
  • Wednesdays at 08.00 ETPT: WEEKLY GUEST POD, aka: The Eugene S. Robinson Show Stomper! A little bit of everything from a staple in the MMA Media industry. He will touch on a wide range of subjects, social and political commentary, conspiracies, the battles and the inner workings of the battle scene | Talent: Eugene S. Robinson (formerly of the very popular ‘Knuckle Up’ podcast).
  • Thursdays at 08.00 ETPT: MMA VIVISECTION VIEWER (Two shows for the price of one!) MMA previews for upcoming events covering fight analysis, fight picks and fight odds for every fight from top to bottom of the card. One show only covers the main/PPV card. The second show covers only the Prelims cards. With special bonus | Talent: Zane Simon & Connor Ruebusch.
  • *Don’t miss Zane Simon’s personal Patreon where he has MMA DEPRESSED us for his paying subscribers.
  • Friday 8/5 AM ETPT: THE PODCAST LEVEL CHANGE (Friday Edition)… The Combat Sports News Variety Show usually previews the upcoming UFC event while covering the latest news in combat sports. | Talent: Stephie ‘Crooklyn’ Haynes & Victor Rodriguez, with occasional guest appearances from Mookie Alexander, as well as other well-known industry match analysts.
  • Saturdays (UFC Fight Nights) – publication times vary (within hours of the conclusion of the event): 6TH ROUND POST-FIGHT SHOW, our match experts bring you hot takes, possible next matches and reactions to the overall event. | Talent: Zane Simon & Eddie Mercado, occasional stand-in hosts include Dayne Fox, Dan Tom, industry match analysts and for paid subscribers bonus content from our very own founder Kid Nate ‘Paywall’ Wilcox.
  • Weeks without events 8/5 AM ETPT – 6. ROUND RETRO, the show that dives deep into the archives of MMA history dating back as far as UFC 1, the days of PRIDE, and covers these historic events with fresh commentary … with the benefit of hindsight and knowledge of where these fighters ended up down the road . | Talent: Victor Rodriguez & Eddie Mercado.
  • Weeks without event 8/5 AM ETPT – CROOKLYN’S CORNER, the podcast is basically a compilation of topics focused on the martial arts and entertainment community, featuring: Featured Interviews, Fantasy Matchmaking/Analysis, and anything else your hosts can come up with to keep our listeners infused with fresh and engaging content. | Talent: Stephie ‘Crooklyn’ Haynes with a guest from MMA Media or the MMA Insider Community featured in each episode.
  • BONUS CONTENT: Various release dates/times – SHOW MONEY PODCAST, the only podcast that covers the business side of martial arts in depth in a way you won’t find anywhere else. | The Show Money team is Paul Gift (The Economist), Jason Cruz (The Lawyer) and John S. Nash (Chief Financial Analyst & The Man who knows all and everything in MMA).
  • EXCLUSIVE MMA Interviews: Eddie Mercado and other fight analysts from the Bloody Elbow Team interview Fighters, Film Producers, & Combat Sports Insiders with cutting edge questions you won’t find on any other MMA resource.
  • SUBSCRIBER ONLY CONTENT: The brilliant return of THE MMA BUNKER with Kid Nate Wilcox ready to rock the MMA world!

We are excited to start a new era in MMA podcasting. Please join us!

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