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The PlayStation Showcase only teased the PS5’s live service future

Ahead of the PlayStation Showcase in May 2023, I wrote that the presentation needed to “instill confidence in Sony’s future with the live service”. Well, multiplayer focused live service games ended up being a big part of the show, but I can’t say I’m that confident about them yet. Between pretty looks at single-player exclusives… Read More »

PlayStation Showcase: 8 trailers you shouldn’t miss

Sony returned to its long-running PlayStation Showcase format today with an hour-long reveal stream showcasing what’s next for the PlayStation 5. The stream was filled with plenty of exciting announcements, from a remake of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater to a spectacular Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 supporter. However, these were just some of the games… Read More »

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s story, end explained

The Legend of Zelda the series has always been known for its heroic fantasy stories, although some of these stories follow a simple hero’s journey structure. But Tears of the Kingdom takes the franchise’s narrative ambitions to a new level. It tells a sprawling epic that spans eras, digging into the lost history of Hyrule.… Read More »

Why Tears of the Kingdom’s Ultrahand is its greatest strength

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has only been out for a few days and players are already pushing the limits of what the Ultrahand system can do. From Korok-torturing crucifixes to Trojan horses to NSFW robots, Ultrahand can clearly do a lot more than open doors or create simple vehicles. The tears… Read More »

Lego 2K Drive review: an imaginative kart racer with a big catch

Lego 2K Drive MSRP $70.00 “Lego 2K Drive’s chaotic racing and inventive story mode are let down by irresponsible microtransactions.” Benefits Fast racing fun Excellent Lego aesthetic Unique story mode Deep map creation suite Cons Some silly mini-games Powerful income generation Unclear progression Lego 2K Drive achieves something that I began to believe was not… Read More »

Who should be cast in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda movie?

The intense critical and audience support for HBO’s The last of us and the overwhelming box office to The Super Mario Bros. Movie has led fans to believe we’re entering the golden age of video game adaptations. The industry is now turning its head to other highly profitable IPs that it can turn into cinematic… Read More »

The best Legend of Zelda boss fights

One of the core pillars that The Legend of Zelda franchise is known for its impressive boss battles. Each entry shakes things up with a new cast of powerful and unique bosses to take down at the end of a dungeon. While there are a few that have appeared across multiple entries – we’re looking… Read More »