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Monster DNA Max review: 360 degrees of fun

Monster DNA Max MSRP $180.00 “The Monster DNA Max speaker offers party-ready sound in a pool-proof package.” Benefits Robust, 360-degree sound Perfect for pools Good battery life Includes a wireless charger Option for speaker phone Cons No EQ adjustment No auxiliary input Annoying voice feedback There’s no shortage of decent Bluetooth speakers out there, but… Read More »

TCL QM8 Mini-LED TV practical impressions: I am shocked

Doug Murray/Digital Trends I don’t think you are ready for TCL QM8 TV. I certainly wasn’t. And we need to talk about it. Many of us expected good things from the TCL QM8. Based on some of the DMs, emails and comments I’ve received, there is a lot of interest in this TV. And I… Read More »

The best PC builds: budget, gaming, video editing and more

PC building is fun, but it’s also a little scary. After all, it’s hardly cheap—you’re going to be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on something that will hopefully last for years. So you need to know exactly what type of PC you’re building and be realistic about what it will be capable of. It’s… Read More »

Final sound ZE8000 review: distinctive earbuds for discerning ears

Final Audio ZE8000 MSRP $349.00 “Unlike any other earbuds, the Final Audio ZE8000 sound as distinctive as they look.” Benefits Eye-catching, distinctive design Very comfortable Warm, audiophile sound Decent noise reduction Cons Fewer functions than similar products Amazing battery life Japanese boutique audio manufacturer Final Audio has a small but very loyal fan base thanks… Read More »

Runhood Rallye 600 Pro review: modular powerhouse

Runhood Rallye 600 Pro MSRP $1,659.00 “A fun concept with some specific use cases, but still needs refinement in both performance and design.” Benefits Unique modular design Sound alerts Met advertised capacity Cons A package failed testing Some difficult design decisions Packages scrape in and out Doesn’t feel rough It can be very difficult to… Read More »

Asus Zenbook S 13 vs. Apple MacBook Air M2: one advantage

Apple’s latest MacBook range, running on the fast and efficient M2 processor family, has risen above the Windows competition in many ways. The usual MacBook build quality and design remains superior, and with such an attractive balance between power and efficiency, the machines are hard to beat whether we’re talking about the mainstream MacBook Air… Read More »