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What makes a standing ovation last 22 minutes in Cannes?

CANNES, France — The Cannes Film Festival is underway, which means stopwatches are out. Nowhere is the length of standing ovations at high-impact premieres more carefully recorded and analyzed than in Cannes. Did a film receive a triumphant eight-minute standing ovation? Or did the audience stand for only four or five minutes? How has such… Read More »

Questions and answers: Liv Ullmann, cinema royalty and major Cannes draw, looks back

CANNES, France — Very few are able to capture people’s attention at the Cannes Film Festival like Liv Ullmann. At 84, Ullmann is unashamedly cinema royalty, and directors have flocked to greet her at this year’s festival. Pedro Almodóvar sought her out for a lunch. Todd Haynes tried to get her word that his latest… Read More »

James Mangold steps into Spielberg’s shoes and takes Indiana Jones on one last adventure

CANNES, France — When the lights came up after a screening at the Walt Disney party of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” Steven Spielberg was in disbelief. “Damn!” he said. “I thought I was the only one who knew how to make one of these!” Dial of Destiny, which premiered Thursday at the… Read More »

Pedro Almodóvar rides into the Western in a Cannes short film about gay cowboys

CANNES, France — CANNES, France (AP) — “Pedro! Pedro!” chanted the crowd at Cannes before Pedro Almodóvar unveiled his latest film, “Strange Way of Life,” a 31-minute western starring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke as cowboys and ex-lovers. There is nothing like the fervor that greets a new film from Almodóvar, one of the world’s… Read More »

Johnny Depp returns to Cannes and finds “the basement to the bottom”

CANNES, France — Just a year ago, the image of Johnny Depp smiling and waving at the top of the Palais steps at the Cannes Film Festival would have been unimaginable to most – including Depp himself. “When you hit rock bottom, you hit rock bottom, you hit rock bottom, you find the cellar to… Read More »

The Cannes Film Festival is preparing a blockbuster edition, with Indy, ‘Flower Moon’, Depp and more

The Cannes Film Festival, which starts on Tuesday, is such a colossal extravaganza that it is notoriously difficult to gauge its highs and lows. It is a showcase of the world’s best cinema. It’s a red carpet spectacular. It’s a hive of deals on the French Riviera. But by at least some calculations, Cannes –… Read More »