breathing pavilion is located in a lush children’s park in Shenzhen, China

four-roofed pavilion at the children’s park in Shenzhen

The Four-Roof Pavilion is a living three-story structure that invites young and old to get closer to their families, friends and nature. Designed by the architectural studios Foud Project and Schneider Luescher, the project appears as a “secondary gateway” to the children’s park in Shenzhen, China, and becomes an integral part of it. The design team was inspired by landscape design the “Forest School” concept, a unique environmental education system that uses nature as a primary tool for learning.

The space engages visitors to spend more quality time out in nature and escape from the busy city. Its greenhouse-like silhouette with a pastel blue-green hue makes it blend in and blend into its lush surroundings. Occupies 1,200 square meters, the pavilion houses a pedestrian walkway, multipurpose room, a bookshop, a café and a roof terrace.

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a lively social space open to the local community

A single-story space welcomes guests in, leading them into a double-height room with an oculus skylight above.

This interchange of spaces promotes the public pavilion as a social and cultural hub for children and adults. An open corridor crosses the ground level, allowing visitors to pass through the building, and also serves as a social passage for seating and conversation.

A simple cast-in-place construction grid in concrete is designed with two steel roofs on the south and north facades and two concrete roofs on the outdoor garden. The blue-green pastel color palette references 11th-century Chinese landscape painting, unifying the columns, beams and diagonal bracing. Two sculptural red stairs rise as a centerpiece and create a pleasant juxtaposition with the otherwise muted structure. Built into the structural grid, they visibly highlight the vertical circulation.

The massive roofs mark its architectural identity, while providing generous shading and covered space for the local community. The architects chosen for clear polycarbonate panels and perforated metal and solid surfaces, to add levels of transparency and openness. The diamond and triangle pattern filters the natural light while introducing well-lit interior areas. The entire public space is thus transformed into a shining beacon for the region. The team sought to blur the boundaries between natural and built environments and fuse the relationship between architecture, landscape and people.

lively breathing pavilion located in a lush children's park in Shenzhen, China
The Fire-Roof Pavilion becomes part of the park

lively breathing pavilion located in a lush children's park in Shenzhen, China
the giant roof forms sheltered spaces where visitors can have a drink and enjoy the beautiful view

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