AOC AGM600 review: gaming mouse comes with high performance, low price

AOC AGM600 gaming mouse: key specifications

Grip style: Palm, Claw
Type of mouse button: Kailh
Buttons: 10 (programmable)
DPI: 16,000 true DPI
Connection type: Wired USB
Cable length: 1.8 m

The AOC AGM600 comes from AGON, which is the gaming arm and product line of AOC – probably best known for their creation of high-performance, accurate monitors for gaming and creative industries. Their peripheral offering is expanding rapidly – ​​with keyboards, mousepads, headsets and gaming arms complementing a growing range of highly responsive and accurate gaming mice.

A good quality gaming mouse is essential for anyone who wants to take their gaming to a new level – whether it’s in first-person shooters, simulations or newer e-sports – and this mouse fits the bill. When looking for a good gaming mouse, durability is a key factor as well as speed of use – they often have a higher sensitivity and DPI range as well as more features and buttons that can be programmed into games and software to access features quickly. Speeding up a user’s gaming experience gives them an important advantage when it comes to competing online, for example.

(Image credit: Future / Jacob Little)

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